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Gradated Sapphire Ring

Gradated Sapphire Ring

SKU: 028

Embracing the Elegance of Nature 

Introducing my latest treasure – an 18ct yellow gold ring adorned with 1.31cts of six trilliant cut  mesmerizing sapphires, each a brilliant ode to the beauty of nature's colors.  


 From the deepest sapphire blue to the most enchanting emerald green, these gemstones are a stunning representation of the shifting hues of the ocean and the lush shades of the forest. The gradation of colors symbolizes the ever-changing, harmonious flow of life.


 This ring not only captures the essence of our Earth's wonders but also symbolizes the different stages of life's journey – from the deep blues of introspection and wisdom to the fresh greens of growth and new beginnings.


 It's a reminder to appreciate every moment, cherish each transition, and stay grounded in the beauty that surrounds us. Nature's artistry is truly unparalleled.


Weight - 4.80gms

Ring Size - M 3/4



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