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Can you believe its already June!

This month I'm featuring a collection I made recently. This client came to me with a selection of older pieces featuring a mix of different gemstones. The brief was to try and incorporate the gemstones into a few modern piece/s that would preserve the memory of the previous owner as well as be comfortable to wear day or night whatever the occasion.

I began by making a set of pearl earrings hanging by platinum chains and a pair of 18ct yellow gold bezel set opal earrings. Photos of these beautiful sets are on my Instagram page.

The next stage was the matching earring and necklace set, in 18ct yellow gold.

The top left photo shows the stones I was starting with. A beautiful hexagonal amethyst with a couple of smaller matching oval amethysts, a white opal, and a set of six beautiful green round peridots.

The bottom two photos show the making of the settings. The fourth photo is all the settings completed, filed to final size and pre polished.

I mainly took small videos of this piece. I cut out the sides of the octagon setting to show the depth and beauty of the stone from all sides. I love seeing gemstones from all angles if possible. Seeing the gemstone cut is always a spectacular addition to any design.

In the centre photo you can see I have made the shepherd hooks for the earrings, cut the chains to the correct lengths, made up the centre gold ball for all the connecting chains on the necklace and and soldered everything together.

The third photo shows the setting of the earrings. Two peridots are in and just the amethyst to go on this earring.

The necklace features the last opal to match the opal earrings made previously. This set now has two pairs of earrings that match the necklace. A true mix and match. These pieces are now part of a family collection to be treasured heirlooms.

Did you know every piece comes in a custom made timber walnut box!

These beautiful boxes are handmade in New Zealand. Sustainable and beautiful.

Contact me now to begin your own personal handmade piece. If you haven't already, Sign up to my email list to be notified of more behind the scenes and special offers along the year.

As always, thank you for following along and appreciating the ancient timeless tradition of handmade jewellery. I'm very passionate about it, and can't emphasis enough the difference in quality between the modern mass produced and true hand fabricated pieces.


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