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         During high school I discovered my passion for design and art. I then went on to study jewellery trade at The Design Centre Enmore and have been making fine jewellery for over twenty years. While completing my apprenticeship I also furthered my study by completing the Diploma in Gemmology as well as Practical Diamond Grading.

        In 2022 I completed the Advanced Practical Diamond Grading Course and Diploma in Diamond Technology with High Distinction at the Gemmological Association of Australia. 


        From designing and sketching right through to the hand making, setting and engraving, every detail is completed by hand in the workshop by myself. Nothing is outsourced. Using traditional goldsmith techniques the metal is forged to produce a piece of jewellery that far exceeds the strength and durability of cast and CAD cast pieces.

      My passion and drive for perfection enables me to continue to explore new concepts to make beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery at the highest standard while sourcing precision cut coloured stones and diamonds. Personalising each piece with extra details to create a new custom designed piece of jewellery that can be handed down to further generations.

Alexandra  FGAA Dip. DT

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